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Craig Markham BA Psychology, MA Family Science, CFLE-P

National Council of Family Relations Educator and Parenting Consultant

Craig is a professional behavior coach, master trainer, and certified parenting consultant specializing in helping behavior problems for dogs (and families with challenging children)!  He is also a distinguished graduate and certified trainer from the prestigious Tom Rose School for Dog Trainers in St. Louis, Missouri.  Although specialized in behavior coaching, obedience, protection and therapy dogs, he has had extensive training in police canine, specific odor detection (narcotics dog training) and tracking.  Craig was the director of canine behavior and training at Tenaker Pet Care Center, a state of the art pet care facility in Denver, Colorado.  He has been a featured speaker at the American Boarding Kennel Association's conventions.  He is also responsible for protocols implemented by boarding kennels across the United States for safe community interaction for dogs.  Craig has been a speaker and canine behavior consultant for Greyhound Rescue in Colorado and Florida and sought after for behavior consultations and evaluations for animal shelters.  In addition to his work with animals, Craig has developed and directed an experiential learning program with dogs working with at-risk teenagers, ages 12-17, modifying problem behaviors including anger management, moral education, structured learning and leadership skills.  He designed curriculum for a unique animal assisted intervention program utilizing the special relationship children, teens and parents develop with dogs to teach executive function skills and modify problem behaviors.  He has done several presentations:  “Craig the Dog Whisperer: Everything I Know About You, I Learned From Your Dog” detailing the intriguing connection between humans and canines and demonstrates how building healthy relationships with our pets can actually help us develop the skills needed to improve our relationships with people.