December 19

Dog Behavior and Training-Instructional Design (Part 3)

General Training and Behavior


Let's be completely honest….

Most of us don’t want  to train our dogs.  

You have enough on your plate.  Check this out.

Sure, some people love the process…but mostly they just enjoy spending time with their pet.

What you really want is to transform your families life with your pet from chaos and frustration to control and calm cooperation.  That’s all. 

No games.  Not hours of pushing and pulling and treating and “whispering.”

The problem is there is too much information and not enough wisdom.  

Having a great dog, over a lifetime with your family, means you need to have a working knowledge to handle life when it happens.  

The skills to apply to a real life.

The challenge is you can't learn how to train a dog effectively.  You have to practice.

This may seem counter intuitive but "learning is actually a way to avoid taking action on the goals and interests that we say are important to us."  -James Clear.

You can watch a thousand YouTube videos and still not have a well behaved family dog...just gaining knowledge, but never improving your skills.

Many people get stuck or give up changing their dogs behavior or training because they don’t get results fast enough (or at all).  

It's usually because they aren't practicing the right things in the right order...the essential things.

They rely on knowledge not practice.  They have learned what to do not how to be, practice and apply it to developing a dog's life skill...

This video explains what I mean with a twist..practice is learning, but learning is not practice. (3:40)


The lessons I was given were all about fingerings and songs and techniques. They were about playing higher or lower or longer notes, or playing more complex rhythms.  At no point did someone sit me down and say, “wait, none of this matters if you can’t play a single note that actually sounds good.”

- Seth Godin-

The question dog people like us have to ask is: 

How can I BE  the leader my dog needs, to DO  the right things, and HAVE  a well behaved family dog!

The problem with old school obedience training is ineffective strategies...they have things out of order...Do have be a good dog.

They teach too many things without focusing on the essential skills...the essential practices-the Minimal Valuable Practices™ that you need to have a great family dog!

It's not about doing a bunch of games or tricks well.  It's about a few meaningful and life impacting practices.

This is the better way:

  • Practice MVP™ with life skills in an environment that facilitates learning.
  • Develop and stack The Perfect Minimal Valuable Practices™.
  • Switching to immersive learning through actual interaction with people and other animals after practicing to proficiency.

About the author 

Craig Markham MA Family Science

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