What If You Could Have a

Well Behaved Family Dog in

Just 5 Minutes a Day

We help busy families break training challenges or bad dog behavior in 30 days or less, without more stress, overwhelm or hours and hours training!


Most dog families understand the importance of having a calm and cooperative family pet butthere is a huge problem.


They're training with ZERO strategy

Outdated Methods

Wrong Environment

Zero Foundation

Most families don't have time to focus on figuring out a better way, Right?

Fortunately...I've got it figured out for you! 




Step-by-Step Guidance for You and Your Dog


Investigate and Identify

Why is your dog behaving badly or having training issues? Clarifying why and pinpointing the source of the challenge is the first step

Interrupt and Isolate

Use a Minimal Viable Practice (MVP™) so you and your dog quickly interrupt behaviors

Install and Integrate

Install new behaviors by stacking MVPs

Plus Three New Bonuses


How Jerry Sienfeld can help you train your brain (and your dog's) to build this ONE Skill you must have to be successful training your dog. This phone app and cheat sheet is a game changer!

Our time tested, dog approved list of "must have" dog equipment and technology every family dog needs!


Video Consult:  Send us your challenge with the P.P. M.V.P.™ and we will give you expert feedback to get unstuck. ($100 Value).



Discover how to make a difference with your family dog

Imagine saying a few words to your dog and sitting down to a relaxing dinner or movie with your family, while your dog quietly and calmly sits with you. 

How would life feel if you started the day without chaos or frustration, living the life you and your family need at home...sitting down to and enjoying a hot latte or tea.  Imagine the feeling of not having to yell and scramble and fight to get your dog to cooperate before work or when you get home.


How would your relationship with your dog be different if you could:

Confidently direct them to stop annoying or embarrassing behaviors?

Know exactly what to say and what to do to get your dog to automatically cooperate with you and your family.

Easily teach your family how to manage the daily chores with your dog making your life easier.

Stop the frustration with your dog's behavior every day and  actually FEEL in control.

No more group obedience class time wasting nightmares and expecting to change your dog's behavior.

Get to celebrate your success by enjoying waking up to a quiet, calm and controlled pet so you can enjoy your time before your day out in the stressful world and enjoy peace and quiet when you get home.

You may have been struggling with training or behavior problems for a long time without success…until now.

You feel like you’ve tried everything, from watching YouTube videos, reading dog books, watching dog training gurus show you entertaining tricks and skills (without a strategy) and working harder than ever before to get your dog trained.

Or maybe you’ve created plan after plan, only to fail with actually implementing that plan.

You have a tightness in your chest, knowing that if your dog's behavior doesn't change...

they may have to go to another home.

You don’t have any more time OR money to waste on things that aren’t working.


Why  Should You Trust Me?

We use our 20 years of experience to change yours

Why should you trust me?

I don't just teach stuff, I actually do it. I use this exact system for myself and my clients to increase their success and not waste time and energy.  I am not just repeating what XYZ "dog whisperering" formula is being taught by the latest guru or T.V. host.

I'm not just a dog behaviorist and definitely not one of those dog training coaches who teaches what they learned on an online certification class or a dog training hobbyist. I've managed and owned pet facilities all over the country for 20 years specializing in rehabilitating the most difficult behaviors dogs can have.

I've helped families save their pets from shelters or considering the worst thing...euthanizing their pets.  I have worked with clients in dozens of different specialties from therapy and service dog training to Schutzhund and narcotic detection dogs.  I’ve seen what works and what doesn't work from all those different perspectives. Most importantly, I luuuv dogs and the families that love them.  I have a graduate degree in Family Science and I certified by the Nathion Council of Family Relations.  So...I don't just understand dogs but I have a deep understanding of how important they are to their families.




Check out what our clients say about us

 // Behavior Client

Thank You Seems "Not Enough"

“I’m so glad you helped us, if I had followed the other “trainers” advice, Lola (she is 10 yrs old now) would have been dead at 2 yrs old. Thanks to you, she has had a rewarding 10 yrs of life so far. Thank you seems like not enough, but thank you :)"

Tracy // Behavior Client

Linda // Therapy Dog Training

Craig Markham MA CFLE-P

NCFR Certified Family Life Educator and Canine Behaviorist


I know how important dogs are to our families.  I have dedicated the past 20 years to behavior change in dogs and understanding the families that love them.

I can't wait to show you what we have created for you to have a calm and cooperative family pet!