What If Your Kids Had A Proven Way To Turn Everyday Stress Into Academic and Life Success!

We Teach Your Family How To Crush Stress and Overwhelm In Five Minutes Using Your Own Family Dog's Superpowers!

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November 30 2021


You missed out!

When It Comes To Learning How To Reduce Stress Without More Screen Time Or Creating More Work For You...There Is A Problem.

They Didn't Make It Easy to Do and FUN!

Weird Methods

Many stress reducing methods are a little weird…and our kids will not do them

Boring Methods

Sitting on the couch and looking at screens is something we are trying to fight against.  Our kids do that enough, already.  

To compete with social media, YouTube etc...your family needs environmental triggers and internal motivation to succeed at developing a positive habit. 

Overcomplicated Methods

It doesn’t need to be complicated to be great.  In fact, simpler is better...so they follow through and make stress reduction strategies a life long habit!

Our kids don't need more entertainment and information.

Dr. Tim Elmore says, "Our kids are overexposed to information and underexposed to experiences.  We need to teach for application…so they are life ready and career ready."

You don’t need a therapist, a retreat, a workshop, and you don’t even need an “expert” to do this!

All  you need is your own beloved family dog as coach.  

We have created this simple program to help your family release stress to sustain success when life gets messy.  Look what we have created for you....

Introducing The Back to Chill Experience

A 14-day science based animal-assisted educational experience that utilizes your own family dog (like a great human coach) to support, encourage, motivate, activate, and elevate skills to reduce stress and overwhelm every day. 

Here’s What You’ll Get:

After you sign up, you will be taken directly to our course "hub," were you will be given daily video and experiential exercises and instruction to prepare you for the next day. 

Immersive Video

Our videos walk you through why breathing for stress reduction is a lifelong skill your family must master.  We guide you using the C.A.P.E. Method™ (Canine Assisted Parenting Education) to accelerate learning.

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Audio Tutorials and Sessions

Guided sessions to move you through each of the exercises. You and your kids will know what to do and how to do the exercises.  Play and walk away.

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Expert Canine Guidance

The one skill your family’s dog needs to know so you can easily join in all our exercises and how to do it.  This unique approach makes it simple.  The Perfect Pet Minimal Valuable Practice™.

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Experiential Course Platform

Our courses are delivered on a platform that uses 7 powerful psychological triggers, automated accountability to keep your kids on track so you don’t have to, and pulls you and your kids through the experience so everyone takes action, get results, and comes back for more!

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Course Modules


Module 1: The Parenting Engine™

We outline an evidence-based parenting process and give you a framework to implement your course.  Getting your kids to follow through on this course is important to get all the benefits that come from a stress crushing practice! This module gives you the exact experiences that are embedded in the course and how to use them for maximum impact.


Module 2: Dog Days

We show you the Perfect Pet M.V.P.™ and how to apply it to the program.  We give you step-by-step instruction to make it easy.  You get many extras to help your family get in on the fun too!


Module 3: The BTC Experience

This is the heart of our program. Seven days of 5 minute instruction and practice so that you can easily and simply crush stress any time of day...every day.  Your family will learn a new technique each day and a short session to apply it and practice.  


Module 4: The BTC Practice

This bonus module helps you understand how you can maintain your new skills and provides the accountability to help your family establish a habit.  Just 5 minutes of practice a day will give you all the benefits we have outlined throughout your course.


Check this out...Buy Now and you will get these bonuses!

The Parenting Engine™

This is like having a digital parenting coach guide you through teaching your kids to crush stress so they have better control of their emotions.  It enhances your kids learning through real  time automated feedback and specific behavioral “recipes” that help parents teach these stress reducing practices.

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Course Bonuses

Buy Now and Get Even More Awesome Free Bonuses!
AI Stress Coach

AI Stress Coach delivered through Alexa skill that will coach you through the exercises and 5 and 10 minute breathing exercises.

The BTC Journal

Help extend the benefit of the breathing sessions and prime your kids brains to protect it from stress.  These five minute hacks have been used by military families to be resilient through terrible stress and pressure…they will work for your family.

The BTC Toolkit

We give you the exact set of time and dog tested reliable tools and equipment we use to train your dog for the program.

Craig Markham

MA Family Science 

Parenting Educator and Certified Coach

AAE Specialist and Canine Behaviorist

Not long ago, my family suffered our own “C” word illness…not Covid but Cancer.  Our family knows the financial stress, health anxiety, frustrations with school, and total overwhelm that most people are experiencing now.  

We needed our family, our son, to learn how to move through our private crisis and manage stress and anxiety every day at home.

 I want to use my 20 years experience working with families, my education and expertise in parenting and animal assisted education to share with you what worked for us…to help your family now!

What makes us different

I love this question because we can separate ourselves and our trainings from others online.  

We have decades of experience and we both have graduate degrees including family science, prevention science, behavior and counseling.  

We have specialized in developing animal-assisted programs for families including programs for at-risk teens.

Our trainings are evidence-based and developed through years of application.

Happy customers


Promotion Coordinator Mercy Hospital

Truly Remarkable!

Craig's insight into the human-canine connection is truly remarkable.  The universal themes of relationships, communication, leadership, love, and respect are applicable to all aspects of life and work...Craig is a top notch, national caliber presenter.



Craig is amazing!

Craig is amazing.  He takes the time to visit in your own environment, observe you and your dog and directs you to a solid outcome.  He uses kindness not dominance.  The outcomes can be quite impressive.



That little boy is totally different!

FYI, we took all your advise to heart. That little boy is a totally different kid.  Thank you so much for taking the time for us and we are so very grateful.

Take Control Of Your Families Emotional Health

Therapy, classes, and other online programs can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars.  We want this course to be accessible to every family...only $47


The Back to chill experience

De-Stress for Success with Your Own Family Dog

Just $47

  • 14-Day Online Course Instruction
  • Expert AAI Instruction
  • Responsive Course Platform
  • Immediate Startl
money back
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

We absolutely stand behind this training, but what if it’s not what you’re hoping for?  Just let us know in the first 30 days after investing in this training and we’ll give you all your money back.  No headaches, no hassle, no hard feelings.  We know you’ll love what this training can do for your family, but this is your extra helping of peace of mind, just in case. 


Why Should I Trust You?

I love this question because we can separate ourselves and our trainings from others online.  We have decades of experience and we both have graduate degrees including family science, prevention science, behavior and counseling.  Our trainings are evidence based and developed through years of application.

I have a hard time getting my kids to follow through. Will this work?

The expertise we provide in animal assisted education and the power of our gamified experiential education platform will keep your kid's attention and reward them to continue.  You will experience the simplicity through embedded sophistication which is how you and your family will accelerate learning.

Our dog is not well trained. Will we be able to do it?

Simply…yes!.  Some of you may need more help, and we have trainings for that.  For this experience, you only need one skill and we will help you and your family apply it to your dog. 

Why do we need this?

This is a great question.  First, we all need to reduce stress…or learn how to better control it. Your family needs a simple and easy way to do this every day.  Second, as is the case for any habit change, you need accountability, encouragement and a clear process to develop a way to help your family release stress to sustain success when life gets messy.

What if I need help?

The reason we are in the family behavior health business is because we want to help all of you be the best parents you can be to raise successful happy kids.  We are in challenging times.  We provide support and ongoing trainings to make sure you succeed!  We don’t want you to invest in us and set it aside.  We are passionate about giving you the tools that you will APPLY to your families life.