This Very Different Training Method Will Change Behavior Quickly...and Simply

Have a Calm and Cooperative Dog In Just 5 Minutes A Day!

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What we do

Our Goal Is To Meet You Where You Are...To Meet Your Needs!


We listen and learn what your biggest and stickiest problems are, so we can make the greatest and fastest change.


Focusing on what will make the biggest impact without wasting time and money!


Using everything we teach you to make life easier for you and your family, as quickly as possible.

Here is what we have created for you

Private Coaching

We come to you, in your home, to give specific direction on fixing your training or behavior problem.  Knowing what issues you need to deal with first, in the right order, and at a speed and impact that fits your lifestyle and unique challenges.

Board and Train

We do the enjoy the transformation!  Your dog comes to our home.  We only take one dog at a time.  We apply our 20 years of experience to fix the most prickly behavior problems.  This is our most exclusive service and we require an application and acceptance to move ahead.  We spend two weeks working with your pet, then we work with you at home to transfer learning, and then do a follow-up training to refresh training within the next 6 months.  

Virtual Coaching

Life is getting soooo expensive.  Just a 30 minute trip can cost a lot of money and take a lot of time. We can come to you virtually to fix your behavior or training problems.  Many people ask...can you help me if your not here with me?  Our 20 years of experience and background in instructional design separates us from so many others.  We can guide you visually through your challenges and save your money and time!

why we do it

We Know How Important Your Dog Is to You

We've been working with families for over 20 years.  Our goal is to fix your problems or training challenges as quickly as possible.  Because we all have busy and (many times) complicated lives, and quite honestly, very few of us want to spend a lot of time training or fixing our dogs!  Not only have I trained dogs for narcotics detection, police work, service dog work, and therapy, but I have a graduate degree in parenting and understand how people learn and how to best work with your family!  It comes down to understanding the problem, working with critical behaviors, and expanding those skills so living with our dogs is fun!


What they say


Dog Anxiety

"Craig is amazing! He takes the time to visit with you in your environment, observe you and your dog, and then directs you to a solid outcome. He uses kindness not dominance. The outcomes can be quite impressive if you just follow what he tells you to do."


Aggression and Marking

"[Our dog] used to have to be medicated around the grandkids and other puppies. He has spent the weekend with our granddaughter and three other puppies. No accidents and completely calm....
We can’t thank you enough!!!!!"

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THREE One Hour Sessions  

Private In-Person or Online Training

Fast and simple results

Priority Email and Text Consulting

Personalized Plan


Board and Train



Dramatic Transformations

We train and fix your dog's problems and training challenges for you

Private In-Person or Online Training Follow-up Sessions

6 Month Follow Up Training

Only One Dog At A Time

Extremely Limited Availability