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We help busy families break bad dog behavior in 30 days or less, without more stress, overwhelm or hours training!

The Dogs Life Skills Roadmap


Investigate and Identify

Why is your dog behaving badly? Clarifying why and pinpointing the source of the challenge is the first step.


Interrupt and Isolate

Use a Minimal Viable Practice (MVP™) so you and your dog quickly interrupt behaviors


Install and Integrate

Install new behaviors by stacking MVPs and apply them to real life.

What our customers are saying:

Meeting you where you and your dog are now...

Hanna  //  GSD Owner

Thank You Seems "Not Enough"

“I’m so glad you helped us, if I had followed the other “trainers” advice, Lola (she is 10 yrs old now) would have been dead at 2 yrs old. Thanks to you, she has had a rewarding 10 yrs of life so far. Thank you seems like not enough, but thank you :)

Tracy  //  Dog Behavior Client

Craig's Truly Remarkable

Craig's insight into the human-canine connection is truly remarkable.  Although his message centers on dog training and behavior, the universal themes of relationships, communication, leadership, love, and respect are applicable to all aspects of life and work... Don't be fooled by the North Iowa address - Craig is a top-notch, national-caliber presenter!  

Kelly  //  Promotion Coordinator Mercy Medical

Mollie passed her therapy dog testing...

Thank you for your expertise and training method.  You are a gifted trainer.  I should have said "people trainer."

Linda  //  Therapy Dog Training Client


Craig Markham  //  Founder

I know how important dogs are to our families.  I have dedicated the past 20 years to behavior change in dogs and understanding the families that love them.  

I have rehabilitated "unadoptable" rescue and shelter dogs, trained service dogs, police dogs, narcotics detection dogs and owned full service pet businesses.


Dogs can do so many amazing things for your family!

When they are well behaved!

I can't wait to show you what we have created for you to have a calm and cooperative family pet!

Craig D. Markham MA Family Science Master Trainer and Canine Behaviorist

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